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Micro-dosing Formulas:

1. The top 4 reasons why each product works due to which active ingredients?


Diuretic: All ingredients in this formula have traditional evidence as main diuretic action. Among other actions this formula may have are urinary demulcent, antilithic, adaptogen, antioxidant and immune enhancer.

Energy: This formula is a blend of powerful and known adaptogenic herbs improving physical and mental performance, improving general wellbeing, performance under stress. It also acts as an antioxidant, circulatory stimulant and a source of B vitamins.

Weight Loss: The synergy of the herbs and nutrients in this formula will enable a more effective fat metabolism, inhibiting sugar cravings, preventing insulin resistance and promoting good pancreatic function. Among other actions this formula may improve energy, reduce stress, improving stamina, antioxidant and support immune function.

Sleep: This formula is a gentle but effective blend of sleep enhancing herbs. It’s formulated to assist relief of nervous tension, stress and mild anxiety using traditional herbs and nutritional ingredients to help nourish the adrenals, calm the nerves, aid in restful and undisturbed sleep.


2. Why Microdosing is used rather than herbal medicine and homeopathy on their own.


And briefly why is drop dosing effective? And how is it different to Homeopathy? And how is is different to herbal remedies?

Microdosis has a long standing history of traditional usage in South America. It has been recently more widely recognised due to its healing properties and safety. We are now introducing this wonderful system to the west where it still rather unknown.

While Homeopathy is a purely energetic medicine which contains no molecules of the active ingredient(s) due to its long dilution process, microdosis is a middle ground that still contains the molecules and active ingredients just like conventional usage of herbal medicine would, however its partial dilution process enhances it on an energetic level as well resulting on safe formulas that work on a physical and energetic level.


3. How should these products be taken?

About the frequency of the doses, it is rather important to take the drops 3 times per day orally. If you miss one during the day you can squeeze 2 doses close to each other. In other words, if you missed your lunch dose at say 1pm, you can take one dose at 6pm and another at 7pm, it is not ideal but is much better than miss a dose altogether.